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Asher G.

Asher G., a 3 ½ year old, male, Labrador Retriever presented in mid-November of 2017 for vomiting and refusal to eat. An abdominal ultrasound was performed which revealed an intestinal obstruction.  Asher was taken to surgery and Dr. Chris Glawe removed a ‘squeeker’ from a toy that was blocking Asher’s small intestine.  Asher recovered well from surgery and hopefully won’t do this again!


Izzy M.

A year ago almost to the day, Dr. Chris Glawe at Hamden Family Pet Hospital performed TPLO surgery on our 7-year old Malamute. Before surgery, he said she'd probably get back to 95 percent. After surgery, he said it was one of the hardest he's done. Given her size and age and extent of injury, we hoped for the best but expected less. And yet today, our girl Izzy is hiking and biking and tackling her little brother as if she never tore her ACL. Thanks Dr. Glawe and Hamden Family Pet Hospital. We feel so very lucky to have found you during a difficult time.


Another reason why we adore Dr. Berns.

Here is a touching moment with Dr. Berns and "Barrett" as he is recovering from his neuter. During her lunch break she took a nap with him so he wouldn't be alone.

Moose N

Dr. Glawe and the crew at Hampden Family Pet Hospital,
Nobody wants to see their dog in pain and then subsequently nobody wants to put their dog through surgery.  But...after our berner, Moose tore her meniscus and ACL, I found myself lucky and grateful to have found your care.  Dr. Glawe, thank you for the amount of time, detail, and compassion you spent explaining, educating, and alleviating my concerns. 

And of course, most gratefully for your fantastic craft that has given Moose a new lease on life.  2 months later, she is playing, chasing the squirrels, and hiking.  We are so thankful!!  I have no reservation referring ANYONE to your care and your incredible team.

Thanks again,
Anne, Brian, Moose, and Scout N

Ace S.

Dr. Glawe-
In September of 2010, you performed a double TPLO surgery on my Wheaten Terrier mix, named Ace. Both of his back legs had given out (ACL and meniscus) and you treated him, expertly. His recovery went very well and he was able to live a long and healthy life. We followed up with aqua therapy and he even lost the weight you recommended!

Sadly, he quietly passed away yesterday, after a long life of fun and great memories. I will always be grateful to yourself for how you, basically, saved and rejuvenated his life back in 2010. Ace was a little over 8 years old when you performed the TPLO. He lived to be over 13.5 years old and would've turned 14 in June. We had many adventures, hikes and experiences together. Through it all, people were always amazed at how well he was walking, post-surgery. I took him to a "bark in the park" baseball event, last September, and he was rolling around and playing with a 10 month old puppy! Ace was a proud example of how your skills and care can make a tremendous difference.

You have my eternal thanks and admiration for helping to make the second half of his life joyful.

All the best,
-Erick S.

“Casey Jones”

Hi! I just wanted to send Dr. Glawe a picture of Casey Jones. We just ran around in all of the snow we got today and I just wanted to thank Dr. Glawe for giving Casey the opportunity to do this with no pain smile

Happy snow day!!

Mira L.

Thank you, Chris Glawe, for the amazing work on my dog's TPLO surgery. I have my mountain buddy back!! Can't tell you how much it has improved both her life and mine! Haven't seen her limp once since she got the all-clear, and it's not for lack of skree slopes and snow stomping smile


Thank you!!

-Lia L.

Winston A.

                                         MACH4 Icy Rabbit Catcher (AKA Winston)

    Winston is our miracle boy!  A year ago Jan 5, 2013, Winston was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.  We were shattered and it changed our world.  Winston, our English born Border Terrier, was always wild and strong and full of life and energy.  He was a third time Master Agility Champion and we were busy with our agility competitions. He had just turned 9. There was no history of any cancer and specifically lymphoma in his blood lines.


     On that Saturday we were getting ready to go to an agility trial and Winston could hardly get out of his bed. We thought it was a muscular problem and immediately took him to a therapist we know. She found the swollen lymph nodes. Scott went on to the trial with Guinness our other BT and I took Winston up to Evergreen Animal Hospital.  We thought he may have an infection and it was a total shock when the vet confirmed with the exam and blood work that it was lymphoma. I couldn’t believe it an almost passed out from the news. The veterinarian said we needed to see an oncologist as soon as possible and gave a few recommendations. One of the girls at the clinic and one of my best friends recommended Dr. Phyllis Glade at Hampden Family Pet.  After listening to them we knew that is who we must see.


     Scott called first thing Mon and the girl at Hampden Family Pet had such compassion and actually called Dr. Glawe at home to see if she could work us in first thing .  After the tests and exam, Dr. Glawe discussed our options and her treatment plan. She was our hope and we had a plan to move forward.  Dr. Glawe started her chemo treatment as soon as Winston’s blood work allowed. We bought Dr Dressler’s Dog Cancer Survival book and it became our bible and guide.


    After 7 months, Winston had completed is chemo treatments and after having a “plan” for every week we felt a little lost.  Dr. Glawe said “It is now time for Winston to be a dog and enjoy life”.  We had put Winston on the cancer diet from day one which showed immediate increase of energy and continued with full spectrum care including Nutraceuticals.  We continued with checkups first a month and then 3 months.


     Dr. Glawe and Hampden Family Pet have been incredible. The treatment, the care and the compassion helped us through this very difficult time. Our endless questions and concerns were always addressed in a straightforward but caring manner. They were our lifeline and helped us learn and apply what we learned and do everything we could for Winston.


     Winston has been in remission for over a year. We started to go back to our agility competitions as soon as we could but only a day here and there and only when the blood work gave us a green light. Our boy was happy and full of energy. He did great with his treatments and diet and exercise did wonders. We lived one day at a time.


    We passed our year anniversary since his diagnosis and shortly thereafter Winston got his 4th Master agility championship MACH4. I still get so emotional when I think of how far we have come. We never thought it possible. The championship was amazing but the greatest thing was having our Winston doing so well. He is such a happy boy and has taught us so much about life. His blood work has been good, his energy great and his huge personality is an inspiration to all.


     We never thought we would be where we are today, to have Winston with us and going good ...really good!  We have been blessed. The journey has been hard, very bittersweet but we feel Winston has had the greatest care possible.  We have done everything possible for him based on everything we have learned. We have always believed in Dr. Glawe and we know Winston would not be alive today were it not for his treatment. There are no guarantees in life but every day is a gift. Our lives were changed and things will never be quite the same but we received support and care beyond our greatest expectations.  This is priceless to us.  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. How can we possibly thank you enough?  Dr Phyllis and the team at Hampden Family Pet…thank you for all you do. We will never ever forget.


         Gwen, Scott, Winston and Guinness

Estilo C

Dear Amazing Team at HFPH,

We can’t thank you enough for being the best pet hospital a family could ask for!  We always looked forward to our visits because we knew we would be treated so kindly.  Recently we lost our great friend Estilo and we miss him every day.  During the tough time when he became sick, everyone at HFPH was so great.  For that, we are thankful.  We especially wanted to thank Shawna and Dr. Buttrill for your extreme thoughtfulness during our final visits.  Much thanks to you all!

The Craver Family

Keya Q

Dr. Poundstone allowed me to observe the dental procedures on my Keeshond, Keya.  I found the entire thing very interesting.  I feel that x-rays, ultrasonic cleaning, scaling, probing, and polishing are all necessary components to a complete dental cleaning in my patients.  (I am a retired Hygienist).  So, I was thrilled to see that all the same procedures were followed for my dog.

I was very surprised to see the bone loss that had occurred in my dog.  Two of her lower molars needed to be extracted.  Even though I had been scaling her teeth when she developed calculus at home, I could not see nor test for the problem.  Keya will let me do a lot to her, but her tongue will not let me get a good look at the mandibular lingual surfaces of her teeth.  So all that damage went unnoticed by me.

All in all, start to finish, I was very pleased with the comprehensive care that Keya received in this appointment.  Keya is now smiling bright.

Carol Q (Hygienist, retired)

Leonard R.

Dear Dr. Monica Watterud,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shadow you again.  I especially liked listening to the dog's hearts and being able to observe what it's like to be a veterinarian.  I also enjoyed getting to interview you about animal cruelty and listening to your opinion.

Animals will always hold a special place in my heart.  I appreciated everyone's knowledge and compassion for the animals.

I look forward to taking what I have learned and observed while job shadowing you with me in my future to become a vet technician.

Thank you again for the opportunity!


Leonard R.

Buster D.

Good Day Doctors!

And what good days they are!  I just wanted to give you all an update on Buster and how he has bounced back from the CFE.   You three were (correction... ARE) so wonderful!  I'm sure I'm not the only obsessive pet owner, but you do know just how much these guys mean to me and I so appreciate your taking the time to not only return my call but take the time to reassure me and answer questions.  I will surely miss you, your fabulous caring staff and the facility.  Although I feel truly blessed to have found the doctor who has helped Buster so much and the therapist, it doesn't begin to compare to Hampden Family Pet Hospital! Here in the Quad Cities, there is no facility that could touch your way of doing things. 

I've looked at all that has happened as a "God thing".  He has answered prayer, not only through the healing process of Buster but by placing all of you in his path.  I am ever grateful.  

Love and gratitude,
Cindy and Buster

Pickets W.

Dearest Dr. Justin and Staff,

I was so impressed with the care, kindness, and personal attention shown to me, my family, and our precious Golden Retriever Pickets by everyone there at HFPH!  Not to mention the professional medical care we were blessed with by Dr. Justin!  I can not thank you enough for everything you've done and for making us feel special!  Thank you also, for the lovely angelic pet dog angel pin!  It did help to wear on my shoulder and bear the loss of our beloved puppy.  What a hole is left behind.  Sincerely, you guys are the angels and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Justin for giving us one more glorious year with Pickets.

Thank you Dr. Justin and God Bless you all,

Robin  W. and family 

Red J.

Dear Dr. Justin and everyone at Hampden Family,

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and the sweet pin you sent in memory of our dear "Red".   We appreciate the care and concern you have shown our dogs and us.

Bob & Gerri J. 

Smokey C.

You know it's coming and you dread it for months: your beloved senior pet is suffering and euthanasia is the heartbreaking -- but best -- decision. My husband and I found ourselves in this situation recently with our sweet Smokey, an Aussie Shepherd mix that we had rescued 8 years ago. On what ended up being Smokey's last day, my husband took her to Hampden Family Pet Hospital as an emergency walk-in. She had experienced a grand mal seizure overnight and had another around 9 a.m.. After my husband checked in, Smokey had another seizure in the waiting room. Dr. Justin Milizio ran in and scooped her up in his arms and took her back to intensive care. After being assured that Smokey was in good hands, my husband went on to work and I waited at home for a call from "Dr. Justin" (as most people know him). Within a couple of hours, Dr. Justin called to tell me that Smokey's existing disease (a growing, inoperable liver tumor) was likely causing her severe seizures. With a sincere and compassionate voice, Dr. Justin outlined Smokey's three options. Two of them would have put Smokey through extensive medical procedures and had little chance of success. Euthanasia was the third option and Dr. Justin encouraged my husband and me to make our decision together and let him know. When we notified  Dr. Justin of our decision and that it would be 7 p.m.. before we could be at the clinic, he said that he would stay late to be there for us -- and for Smokey. She made her transition peacefully, assisted by a kind, respectful vet who had met her only hours before. Dr. Justin followed up with us, via phone, the next day to see how we were and said that we could call him anytime to talk. As someone who has cared for dogs all of my life, I've taken them to vet clinics large and small. Hampden Family Pet Hospital, and Dr. Justin Milizio, offer the kind of skilled care -- and heartfelt caring -- that we demand for our canine family members.

Gail C.

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