Dr. Tracie Grubb

Dr. Tracie Grubb has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in the field of Kinesiology (the analysis of human movement).   While working in the corporate world, she made the decision to follow her true dream of becoming a veterinarian.  Dr. Grubb has been involved in the veterinary industry since 1999. In 2008, she was able to pursue her goal of becoming a veterinarian as a graduate of Colorado State University.     

Dr, Grubb worked in a thriving small animal practice in the Denver area until 2013. She then spent two years working with a local company that manufactures veterinary orthotic and prosthetic devices for patients with orthopedic, neurologic, and/or congenital challenges affecting their mobility. This opportunity allowed her to gain insight on canine biomechanics and pain management while improving her patients' mobility and quality of life...  Little did she know, she had come full circle and was now analyzing movement once again, but this time, for her veterinary patients.

Dr. Grubb is a certified canine rehabilitation therapist and veterinary acupuncturist at Hampden Family Pet Hospital. She is excited to meet you and help your pets move and feel better.

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