Dr. Monica Watterud

Dr Watterud grew up knowing she wanted to be a veterinarian.  She was fortunate to have that goal realized in 1989 when she graduated with a DVM from CSU.

After graduation, she practiced in Southern California for 3 years.  She returned to the Denver area in 1992 and has been with Hampden Family Pet Hospital since 1999. 

Her current family includes, Lynyrd the curmudgeon cat, and litter mates “Bob” Seger & Zevon (who are much less curmudgeonly).  Although not currently have a canine of her own, she has many friends with dogs, who allow her to live vicariously through them.

Her focus at HFPH is general practice, preventative care and establishing long term relationships with her patients. 

Her interests include baking, eating (not necessarily what she bakes), wine tasting and outdoor activities such as rafting, winter sports, and an attempt at learning to swim.  


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