“To our existing and future clients,

Unfortunately, due to a high demand in our area, we are scheduling routine appointments approximately two months in advance. Please call to schedule your pet’s appointments in a timely manner so we can have ample time to see them. Because of our current limited scheduling, we must triage cases based on what is best for your pets. It is extremely difficult for us to have to sometimes refer patients to other clinics, but we feel it is a disservice to try to admit more pets than one doctor can properly care for. We care deeply about your pets and want to ensure that they receive appropriate care, even if it isn’t with us. We find this necessary until we can return to a more accommodating schedule. Please understand we are doing our very best to serve you and your furry family members. We appreciate all of you and your patience in these challenging times.”
We would highly appreciate it!
Thank you in advance,
Samantha J.