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Sass H

Docs Glawe, Carpenter, and Adolf,

A quick note to thank you all for my getting my hunting partner back.  Sass had a TPLO on the left performed by Doctor Glawe and then the right was done by Doctor Carpenter.  Doctor Adolf handled watching over us during the rehab and is our vet.  We missed the 2009 season but have not missed an opportunity since. 

A look at Sass when she has just heard "huntem up" is to see what pure joy is and you have my sincere thanks and appreciation for giving her that back.

Yes, her partner to the left does hunt, he is a sight hound not figuring out what the nose is for yet.  And you want to get to to him and a downed bird quickly or he's gonna have an early lunch.

Thank you,

Eric and Kristine H.

Marley B.

Hello Dr. Glawe,

  I don’t know if you remember me, but I am the owner of Marley the crooked leg pup.  It is a little over a year since you worked your magic on my dog and I just wanted to say thank you again!  Thanks to all your help, he is now able to do anything his little puppy heart desires.  He loves his hiking, swimming, and now we have him in the process of seeking training.  We did a DNA test on him and he is mostly German Shorthaired Pointer so we decided to bring out his strong points.  He is living a normal doggie life and loving every minute of it thanks to all your help.  I could never express the gratitude I have for you and your staff.  I’m so happy that my little man gets to enjoy his life.  Here is a pictures of him that I thought you might enjoy.

Thank you again,


LaLa H.

Dear Melani,

Thank you so much for your care of our darling Lala.  I appreciate your wisdom and concern.  In the last 48 hours things went from bad to worse.  It became clear Lala was suffering despite our best efforts.  It was clear to me in the early hours this morning that the only option was to euthanize.  Dr. Weeden was so good to fit us in on an already busy morning.  She was very caring, compassionate, and helped us both through a difficult morning.  I know Lala is happy being with our previous dogs:  Liberty, Buster, and Ruby eating all the pizza and hamburgers that were her favorite.

Thank you,

Nancy T

Gracie E

Beth and I express our sincere appreciation for the marvelous veterinarian care you provided for Gracie.  Her terminal illness was very difficult for us; made tolerable by the highly competent and compassionate care you demonstrated.  Your responsiveness, outstanding communication skills, and excellence in professional services are acknowledged by us with gratitude.

Added to all of the contacts we experienced is your latest act of generosity and kindness.  Your donation to HABT is wonderful and we are inspired by it.  We want to add this small contribution to HABT as a tribute to you.


Joel & Beth E.

Maise H.


Sherry and I really, really appreciate the way you and your staff have taken care of Bella, Sam, and Maisie.  You are kind and compassionate.  Just what you hope to have in your vet and friend.

Pete & Sherry

Snark T


You are so smart and so compassionate. My friends were sure their kitty was nearing the end, but something told me to come see you.  No matter what happens, they'll be okay knowing that their kitty had the best care available.  You have created an amazing practice.  It's something to be very proud of.  Thank you for being there for the critters and their humans-we feel blessed.   Nancy T.

Cricket O.

Dear Dr. Phyllis,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care that you provided Cricket after her diagnosis of Lymphoma.  As you know, she was dear to our hearts, and this diagnosis was devastating for our family.  From the first day you saw Cricket, you gave us options to consider and your perspective on what would be best.  We knew from the start that Cricket would not survive her Cancer.  We were so pleased that Cricket had a very positive response early on in her treatments and her life seemed to be as normal as possible.  She had good health with the support of her treatment for many months.

When Cricket began to have difficulties, you again provided us with options and the prognosis for the choices we had.  We hoped and prayed that Cricket would survive for a year of more with  treatment, and it was nearly a year to the date when she passed away.  She was fortunate that the treatment did not make her ill until the very end and that she enjoyed her life with us to that point.

She came to our family on our daughter's fifth birthday from a shelter after being abandoned at a gas station.  She was so happy to have a family and other dogs to play with , although our aging Pomeranian was not exactly happy with the addition.  They later became buddies.  From the first day, Cricket began to show us her many tricks.  She could scale a six foot fence, climb a tree, escape under the fence, and many othe antics such as riding above the back seat in the car and ferociously letting other animals along the road know she was there.  She was the most wonderful dog with children.  Our children have a jog-a-thon each year at their school and Cricket put on many miles with many children there.  Cricket loved her yard.  We called part of our yard the "jungle" because of all of the plants, bushes and trees.  Cricket loved the jungle particularly in the summer time.  One of her favoirte pastimes was to chase the bees in the jungle.  Many times, all you could see was the tip of her tail going through the jungle.  She thoroughly scoped out the yard every morning and several times thereafter during the day by walking the perimeters and going through the jungle.  She knew how to jump on the swing and rock herself, one of her favorite things on a hot day.  Her intelligence and ingenuity were amazing.  Cricket never knew a stranger.  She won the hearts of many of your staff and we were comforted knowing she had friends and love when she came in for treatment.  We'd take another one of her in a minute.

And so as we said goodbye to her a few weeks ago, Cricket passed on in her own way.  We had prepared to put her to sleep that morning, but she decided otherwise.  She went to seleep on the comfort of her blanket with those who loved her most beside her.  Our heartfelt thanks once again for the care and compassion of our beloved Cricket.  In our eyes, you are the finest Oncologist anyone could find.

The Otto family

Jackson P.

Dr. Glawe,

Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful care treating & healing Jackson.  He is doing great!  He's walking on that leg as if nothing ever happened.  I also appreciate you letting Ellen pick out bandage colors each time.  You're the best!

Lori P.

#5005 Duncan E.

Hello Dr. Glawe,

Thought you would like to see a picture of Duncan's first hike with me on Mt. Evans on June 11th.    It was a short one, approximately 4 miles.  He did great, even did some post holing in the snow up to his hip.  Didn't show any signs of soreness or limping in either leg afterward.  He is doing so wonderful.  Thanks again for all you did.  I do appreciate it.  Duncan is so loved.


Abbey F.

Dr.  Abbey, Dr. Poundstone, and everyone at Hampden Family Pet Hospital,

Thank you for all of your wonderful care over the years.  You have seen me through many good days and bad days with a variety of my pets.  I have very much appreciated all of your kindness and canter.  I would recommend your services highly.  We’re off to Houston and can only hope to find as great a vet clinic as yours.


Barb & Abbey F.

Jessie H.

Dear Dr. Poundstone:

This is to let you know that Jessie has fully recovered and is almost as frisky as a young dog.  She frequently rolls on her back, runs around the house and is curious about many things.  It is as if she were a new dog.  All of this is because of your expert surgery skill.  It must be infrequent that you get to see the result of your surgery expertise--thus these few appreciative words.

We are aware it is still too soon to know if she has beaten the cancer.  We have her on Omega 3 oil in hopes it will fight the cancer.  We are thankful for maybe a couple more years with her thanks to your knowledge and skill.

You are the best Barbara, Kevin, and Jessie H.

Blue U.

Hello Dr. Glawe,

Here is our favorite picture of Blue for your Oncology page.  We are so happy with how well he is doing and his zest for life.  I am sure that humans are way more hung up on their pet losing a limb, than the actual pet.

It is a scary and heart wrenching decision, but we have no doubts that for us it was the right decision.

Thank you for your care and expertise with the health of our "Blue".

Mooshu W

Hampden Family Pet Hospital Staff,

We wanted to send a note to say thank you for the wonderful care of "Mooshu" this year.  You are all friendly, very helpful, and we know he gets excellent care.  We appreciate all of your hard work!

Happy New Year,

Cindy, Dan, and Mooshu W.

Bailey M

Dr. Abbey,                                                      

Thank you for the wonderful care you provided my little guy.  I appreciated your kindness.  You are a wonderful veterinarian.

Rita & Bailey M.

Tarquin B.


I went in to see the dental cleaning of my three pets and a lump removal.  That was very interesting for a science teacher/geek, but I learned lots more!

Vitals, blood work check, and pre-meds
Consult with owner
Anesthesia with constant vital monitoring before, during, and after the procedure(s).
X-rays and a report on each tooth
Meticulous teeth cleaning (I’ve never seen such pearly whites)!
If necessary:  Doctor consult regarding extractions or surgery
Surgery & extractions in a short amount of time (get them in and out of anesthesia)
Recovery in kennels and monitoring until released to go home.
Bonus!  Complimentary nail trim.
Wow!  I never realized all that goes into proper dental cleaning for pets.  If the vitals and x-rays hadn’t been taken, I never would have found out the needs of my cat (heart problem), or my dog (extractions).   I will brush my pet’s teeth regularly.

Alison B.

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