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Tyson S.

We have been taking our pets to Dr. Justin Milizio for a few months now and I have to tell you he is terrific.  Really is passionate about our pets.  The staff there is wonderful, from the moment they answer the phone with "Is this an emergency or may I place you on hold "  most places just put you on hold right away.  They are so compassionate and listen to your concerns.  Really, I am impressed.  We had a wonderful family member (our 8 year old German Shepherd  ) that we had to euthanize.  Dr. Justin came to our house at our convenience and just gave us all the time we needed, making it easier for us as well as Tyson.  Truly, I can't say enough about how great Dr . Milizio is to clients.  I haven't used any of the others there.  We always make our appointments with him and he always accommodates our needs.  We always see different staff members when we go in but I haven't run across anyone who doesn't love what they do.  They are wonderful.

Ann S

Casey G.

To Dr. Karalyn & The Staff at Hampden Family Pet Hospital,

Just wanted to say that we appreciate the dog angel pin you sent to us.  We miss Casey dog, our little "Yorkie-poo"!

Thank you for your kindness,

Leo & Verda G.

Johnny Cloud R.

A million thanks to Dr. Etheridge and the amazing staff at HFPH for taking such good, good care of Johnny Cloud during and after his two Gastrotomy surgeries.  Your exceptional commitment to both people and pets is greatly appreciated!  Johnny is back to his old self and seems to be delighted each day by his bodies ability to fully digest his food.  He has not eaten anything unusual since the second operation and we are confident that whatever circumstances brewed the "perfect storm" have passed on (pun intended).  We are more careful now!

Kristen R.

Bullet J.

To All The Staff of Hampden Family Pet,

Thank you each for your hugs and support during our time of loss.

We appreciate your kindness and understanding.  You are all an amazing team.


Steve, Dave, and Chopper J.

Frankie & Gloria V

Dr. Justin Milizio, Dr. Glawe and all vets, techs, office staff, and those who fund Helping Hands,

Having both dogs need very serious and expensive care within 2 weeks was made better by all of you wonderful people!

With my most sincere deep appreciation,

Colleen, Frankie and Gloria V.

Premier T.

HFPH…  Destia and I would like to thank all that helped us with Premier.  From the front desk, the techs, and of course Dr. Poundstone  we thank you all for the bottom of our hearts. We wish you were able to meet Premier in his prime and not the way you did.  Premier was an awesome animal.  He had his CGC award. He was dual registered. He had his Purple Ribbon and his official name is "PR" King Kong's Premier. He won a few conformation shows as well as competed in weight pull events. Premier has been to the top of several 14er's, swam in the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the gulf of Mexico. He had a lot of friends and never had a dull moment. We are very proud of him and are going to miss him very much.  Again we thank everyone at HFPH for being there for us. In the future when Destia and I get another animal we will showing up at your door.

Thank You,

Destia & Temple







Max P.

Dear Staff at Hampden Family Pet

Thank you, thank you!  Thanks for all your smiles and scratches while I was being treated there.  Old pugs like me don't get to hang out with fabulous babes that often, but every time I come here everyone treats me like a King.  I like that!  I don't remember who was talking in my ear and giving me belly scratches while I was being treated by Dr. Abbey, but let me tell you Hubba-Hubba.  Don't trim those nails.

Thanks everybody,

Max, Lynette, Chris P.

Willow S

Thank you to all of the vets and techs who helped my beautiful Willow over the years.  We spent way too much time at HFPH over the years and I am so grateful for the love and care she received.  Especially, thank you to Andrea for always being so caring, Sandy who actually came home with us one tme to get Willow out of the car and into the house.  Dr. Poundstone your wisdom and friendship are so appreciated.  Dr. Monica who still loved Willow even after the rude belch, and for getting us through the last most horrible day. Dr. Glawe for being Willow's advocate and boyfriend.

121/2 years turned out to be too short a time with her, but I believe it would have been shorter without you all.

Karen S.

Ava L.

Dr. Glawe,

Ava and I would just like to thank you and all of the techs that helped put Ava back together.  You all did such an amazing job on her operation.  She is back to running around like crazy as if nothing ever happened.  It means so much to us that you put so much care into her getting better.  Once again, thank you!

Katie L.

Prisa G.

Prisa was gravely ill when Dr. Milizio took over her case in October.  She had most likely contracted Leptospirosis, caused by a bacterium carried in the urine of wild mammals.  She was hospitalized for 6 days (staying the weekend at VRCC) on IV therapy.  Prisa was so ill she barely ate, was absolutely listless and did not respond to her environment.  Frankly, we considered euthanasia.  Dr. Milizio did a stellar job steering her through this scary and turbulent medical crisis.   He acted quickly and confidently in getting her the most effective care and patiently answered our multitude of questions.  Her condition turned around about 10 days after hospitalization and our Prisa is now back to herself!  Thank you, Dr. Milizio, thank you Dr. Monica (for assuring me that dogs can live awhile without eating and giving us hope)  and to the entire HPFH staff who rooted for her recovery! 

To all who read this - please consider the 2 booster lepto vaccine! 

Judy G.

Precious R

Dr. Kris,

Thank you for always taking such gentle care with Precious.  She felt much better after her Acupuncture on Wednesday.  She had more energy, more joy, and an overall better feeling.  We are so grateful!

Madeline & Precious R.

Mia S

Dear Dr. Poundstone,

We have an appointment with you on the 10th to get Mia's stitches out but I wanted to write you a quick note to say how thankful I am to you with the work you've done for Mia.  You did such a wonderful job with the surgery and stitches!  I had Melanoma skin cancer and had to get surgery on it and your stitching job was much better than my surgeon.  I should have just had you do mine!  She hasn't popped one stitch and she is doing great!  I know you tried as hard as you could and we are praying that you got everything and she doesn't have to undergo anything else. 

We appreciate you so much.  You are a great Vet and we are thankful to have found you.

Rachel S. (& Mia)

Wiley L.

Dr. Chris Glawe has been nothing but outstanding.  He was recommended to me by a well known dog trainer in in town in 2007.  My dog, Wiley, had a compressed disc.   Given Dr. Glawe's reputation as one of the best Ortho Vets in town I went.   Animals have a natural trust with him, it's hard to explain.  My dog normally fear bites, and never has a problem with him.  It's just an "aura" he has.  Secondly, the second you start talking with him, you can tell he knows his stuff.  It's totally different than going to a franchise vet.  It's more like walking into a Dr's office.  Plus, he takes time to explains things to you, even if he's backlogged.  He truly cares and you can totally tell.  He hadn't seen my dog in a year and he totally remembered most everything about him, his temperament, personality, and condition.  I will never go anywhere else, especially when it's extremely important.  Just a great guy all-around!

Aaron L.

Moose N.

Dr. Dr. Glawe,

We can't thank you enough for helping us with Moose.  Your kindness is a bright light during what has been a very difficult year.

Much, much thanks,

Gretchen and Doug N.

Annie S

Hampden Family Pet Hospital, Kris Abbey DVM, and great staff,

I can't thank you enough for being open the day after Christmas to treat Annie.  I loved your staff and hospital.  Annie acted calmer too!  She could feel the happy environment your hospital has created for anxious owners and their pets.  Due to your great care, Annie is back to feeling much better.  I will certainly be back when Annie needs care.

Have a wonderful New Year,

Pam and Annie S.

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