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Luna P

Luna, a 9 month old puppy, had a little too much fun during one weekend in May.  Luna loves to play catch, and her owners brought her to a local

Anubis M.

Anubis, a 9 and a half year old male Siberian Husky, has been a patient at Hampden Family Pet Hospital since 2004.  In early February of 2010, a large mass developed over

Marley Hope For Animals

Case File #4655X (Marley Hope For Animals)  Marley, a year and half old mixed breed dog, presented for a lameness involving his left front leg.  Our examination revealed


Case File #7276 (Deacon) Deacon is a sweet 7 month old dog who had an unfortunate encounter with a rattlesnake. He was initially placed on antibiotics and pain medications. Unfortunately the venom


Case File #7408 (Daisy) Daisy came to Hampden Family Pet Hospital in October of 2010 with broken left front leg.  Daisy fractured the same leg six months earlier.  The fracture


Stella, a yellow Labrador puppy, presented at 4 months of age for vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, and lethargy.  She had a history of exposure to grapes and her illness came on

Angel M

Angel, a 6 ½ year old spayed female mixed breed dog, is the trusted companion and faithful walking partner of a wonderful gentlemen.  Angel became acutely lame on her left

Bogey S.

Bogey presented on emergency for having a bone stuck around his lower jaw.  He managed to get the slick, saliva-coated bone past his lower canine teeth and there it

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