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Cowboy M.

Cowboy is a happy 1 year old dog that came in for an appointment when owners noticed very bad breath over a two week period.  On physical exam Dr. Abbey

Buckey M.

Buckey was just 10 weeks old when he presented to Hampden Family Pet Hospital.  Another dog had fallen on him fracturing his left femur.  Buckey was taken to surgery

Honey Dew L.

Case Study by Dr. Kris Abbey   Honey Dew is a 4 year old 50 pound mixed breed dog who presented to our clinic on an emergency basis for acute spinal cord

Otis G.

Summary for Otis Gentry Otis is a sweet Beagle Mix that became very ill while the owner was out of the country. When he was brought to Hampden Family Pet

Cody S.

"Age is not a Disease" by Kris Abbey, DVM Cody is a 16 year old dog (MN) Labrador Retriever mix that came to me as a second opinion for a bleeding

Chica D

“Chica”, a 7 year old, spayed female Chihuahua came in for an examination because she did not want to eat her treats. She would not allow an oral exam


“Baron”, a 4 year old, neutered male Weimaraner, presented on July 14th for possible ingestion of an entire package of Trident gum. His owners brought him in within 30 minutes

Miles Davis

Davis is an 11 year old male cocker spaniel that decided to bite off more than he could chew one day. His owners gave him a cooked beef rib bone as

Yeager W.

Yeager is a sweet, 12 year old German Shorthair Pointer that presented to our hospital on September 11, 2013 for evaluation of a very large tumor enveloping his entire left rear leg. 

Frankie V.

Case Profile: Paw Foreign Body Frankie, an older male german shepherd  arrived at our hospital with a front limb lameness that had only been going on for a couple

Bernadette A.

Bernadette A. Bernadette, a thirteen year old spayed female domestic long hair cat, just could not seem to get over an ear infection.  It seemed to respond to ear

Furrgie B.

Furrgie B. Furrgie, a six year old female domestic short hair cat, went from being petite to portly practically overnight.  Furrgie is a friendly, vocal kitty, so when her

Lawn Edging by Dr. Justin Milizio

Lawn Edging:    A Backyard Danger Here at Hampden Family Pet Hospital we see a variety of lacerations and wounds inflicted by various animals, fencing material, and most

Jack D.

Jack D. is a 6 yr Blue Heeler who recently came to Hampden for his yearly exam.  His owner had noticed that Jack had developed bad breath and was concerned

Luna P

Luna, a 9 month old puppy, had a little too much fun during one weekend in May.  Luna loves to play catch, and her owners brought her to a local

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