Yeager W.

Yeager is a sweet, 12 year old German Shorthair Pointer that presented to our hospital on September 11, 2013 for evaluation of a very large tumor enveloping his entire left rear leg.  The tumor had been present for some time, but had grown considerably in the short time leading up to his appointment.  The tumor was dramatically interfering with his mobility.  Nevertheless, he was still managing to walk on the affected leg.  After a thorough work-up it was determined that Yeager was otherwise healthy.  The only viable surgical option was to remove the left back leg and tumor.  Yeager was operated on September 18th.  After a lengthy operation, Drs. Willer and Glawe were able to effectively remove the left back leg and the enourmous tumor.  Yeager recovered very well from the operation and was up walking the next day! The analysis of the tumor revealed a low-grade malignancy with ‘clean’ margins which implies a good long term outcome for Yeager.  See the before and after videos of Yeager.

(click here for pre-surgical video)

(click here for post-surgical video)