Otis G.

Summary for Otis Gentry
Otis is a sweet Beagle Mix that became very ill while the owner was out of the country. When he was brought to Hampden Family Pet Hospital, he was so weak that he had to be carried into our ICU area.  Initial diagnostic tests revealed severe kidney failure with the values being so high that they were unreadable on our blood analyzer.  Emergency therapy was started to jumpstart Otis’s kidneys and address his life threatening dehydration.  The owner returned home and scoured the backyard to find a chewed bottle of Ibuprofen and 100 tablets missing.  The milligram amount that Otis ingested is considered lethal.  However, Otis defied the odds and slowly began to turn around after two days in the hospital. He was hospitalized for a full five days and received two blood transfusions along with supportive gastrointestinal medication. By the time he was discharged from the hospital he was back to his usual attitude and energy level. Recheck kidney tests showed a complete recovery! 
Ibuprofen as well as other over-the-counter human anti-inflammatory medications and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal to cats. Emergency treatment is necessary to induce vomiting and reduce absorption of the medication(s).  Intravenous fluid therapy is often initiated to address liver and kidney damage and gastrointestinal medication are prescribed to protect the lining of the stomach and small intestine.  Notify your veterinarian as soon as possible should your pet accidently ingest any of these commonly used human medications. 
Otis is a very lucky dog and we are thrilled that he made it through such a seemingly hopeless situation.