Lawn Edging by Dr. Justin Milizio

Lawn Edging:    A Backyard Danger

Here at Hampden Family Pet Hospital we see a variety of lacerations and wounds inflicted by various animals, fencing material, and most commonly, lawn edging. Lawn edging is a very popular landscaping piece in Colorado compared to other parts of the country. It is used to separate mulch or gravel beds from grass. After several years the edging can shift, becoming loose or erupting from the ground.

The edging can be very sharp at its corners, and can easily lacerate a dog’s wrist when running around or playing in the yard. Lacerations typically occur between the digits or just below the carpal pad- the fleshy protrusion on the underside of their wrist. These lacerations can bleed profusely and are very painful. Surgical repair can be very difficult, and amputation of the pad with multiple sutures and weeks of bandage changes are often required for proper healing.

We recommend that you keep your lawn edging buried under a layer of dirt, gravel or mulch. The edging should be inspected every few weeks to look for sharp edges which need to be dulled down or repositioned. Plastic lining can also be purchased to cover the metal of lawn edging.


Justin Milizio, DVM