Honey Dew L.

Case Study by Dr. Kris Abbey


Honey Dew is a 4 year old 50 pound mixed breed dog who presented to our clinic on an emergency basis for acute spinal cord trauma, after chasing a squirrel in the back yard. She was unable to use her hind limbs and was in severe pain. We made her more comfortable with pain medication and she was given 2  IV doses of a steroid to decrease the spinal cord inflammation. She also had acupuncture treatment.

Honey Dew was lovingly cared for by her family the next two weeeks. They kept her clean and did basic physical therapy. The first 10 days she was still unable to stand without help .   Honey Dew had a second acupuncture treatment 2 weeks after her injury. After this treatment she started standing on her own and is now making a wonderful recovery!